BRIDGES: Towards governance of Space-based services for European Security

The overall objective of the BRIDGES project is the development of several potential models of governance for future Copernicus services for Security applications. The project aims to explore implementation options for:

  • a coordinated approach to Space data access in the Security field;
  • CFSP/CSDP (Common Foreign and Security Policy / Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU) access to Copernicus services.

This objective will be supported by several activities, such as contributing to the further definition of potential scenarios for the governance of the Security dimension of Copernicus, awareness-raising and building support for Copernicus services for Security applications, and interacting with other Copernicus Security-related activities.

The legal, financial and operational implications (i.e. technical implementation) will be addressed. A cost-benefit analysis will be provided together with an
impact assessment of identified options.