G-MOSAIC publishes Window on GMES – Special Issue on the Security dimension

The G-MOSAIC project has published a special issue of Window on GMES.

This edition focuses on the Security dimension of GMES. The ‘S’ of GMES refers to three areas: Support to EU External Action, Border Surveillance and Maritime Surveillance – each of which are represented in this issue.

The publication includes contributions from the G-MOSAIC consortium members as well as key stakeholders within EU institutions, such as the European Defence Agency, Frontex, the European External Action Service and the European Union Satellite Centre.  

A collection of success stories and user portraits stemming from the use of pre-operational GMES services for Security applications is presented, highlighting the ways in which these products have supported users in real operational settings over the course of the project.

G-MOSAIC Window on GMES - “Discover the ‘S’ in GMES” can be downloaded below.