The Final BRIDGES Workshop

 The BRIDGES project held its Final Workshop at the European External Action Service on the 30th of January 2014.

The event provided an opportunity to present an analysis of potential models of governance for the Service in Support of EU External Action and explore which of these would be the most effective in responding to the specificities of the Copernicus services for Security applications. The evaluation of governance options was enriched by cost-benefit and legal considerations leading to two proposed governance options.

In total, around 60 attendees participated in the event, including representatives of EU Member States, the European External Action Service (EEAS) the European Commission (including representatives from the Copernicus Unit, REA and DG MARE), European Space Agency (ESA), United Nations, European Defence Agency, as well asEU SatCen representatives and the BRIDGES consortium partners. 

The results of the project will soon be available to the public in a paper which will be included in the dedicated upcoming issue of Window on Copernicus, entitled‘Discover the Security dimension of Copernicus.’